The Commando Full Movie 9kmovies 2022

The Commando Full Movie 9kmovies Review 2022, it will release in OTT in Hindi soon in 480p, 720p, 1080p HD Quality.

The Commando Full Movie 9kmovies 2022

The Commando, a 2022 American action-crime thriller film directed and starring Mickey Rourke & Michael Jai White is called “The Commando”. Saban Films released it in the United States on January 7, 2022.

Name The Commando
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The Commando Full Movie 9kmovies Review 2022

An elite DEA agent James Baker (Michael Jai White) leads a DEA SWAT team that assaults a Mexican cartel’s drug laboratory. In the ensuing gunfight, the bad guys are eliminated but Baker accidentally kills three hostages. Baker is sent home to recuperate from nightmares and hallucinations triggered by PTSD.

His family discovers a $3 million cash stash in their home at this moment. Baker, his wife Lisa (Aris Mesia), and their two teenage girls, live in the same house that Johnny (Mickey Rourke), a career criminal, has hidden his loot. Soon, the Baker family is in danger of being sprung Johnny who quickly reunites his old crew to recover the $3 million worth of stolen money he had hidden before his arrest. Johnny is an uber-badass. He “dealt” just before his release with three inmates who tried skank him before he was released.

James and Lisa leave their daughters alone at home to spend a quiet weekend with Lisa. They organize a house party. Johnny’s goons set up a home invasion during this party.

Johnny and his henchmen are willing to do anything to get the money. They even kidnap Baker’s daughters. Baker will stop at nothing to defend his family from the greedy criminals, but this battle is high-stakes. Baker and Johnny have many encounters but they never come to an end between them.

High school student gets shot after taking a sneeze and peeing on his teacher.


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